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Social Media Management

Search engines are giving more credence to social media usage and postings. Tweets, profiles and updates are being incorporated in search engine results. These platforms, once just for sharing funny images and personal updates, are now dynamically increasing exposure for businesses.

As experts on the cutting edge of social media usage, we have decades’ of experience offering social media services. Our specialists creatively design and execute social media marketing campaigns that are on target, on point and a natural extension of your brand.

Whether you want to increase user engagement or generate revenue from advertising, our experts are at the ready. Our social media management specialists will work with you to create a plan to achieve your goals. This might include the following:

Identify: your target audience and the platforms where they are most likely to engage with your message and your brand.

Create: a social media strategy that reaches your audience, resonates with them and accomplishes your marketing goals.

Implement: your ideal strategy in conjunction with your Caputo Design specialist. Update content and direction as needed along the way.

Monitor: your results in real-time using Caputo Design’s proprietary dashboards to track likes, shares, engagement, views, clicks and to identify content and targeting that result in increased engagement.

Report: reports are generated monthly that highlight creative work, reach and engagement, and are an excellent way to share your results with other members of your team.

Optimize: your campaign with the extraordinary insights you’ll receive from your specialist and our robust reports and real-time dashboards.

Social media usage is higher than ever. Blogs and social media sites reach 8 out of 10 U.S. internet users. Of them, 71% are more likely to purchase from a brand they know and follow on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Our Social Media Service Lines

Organic Social – Content Creation & Posting to Social Networks.

After an initial consultation, we will research and prep a social content plan for your organization with a structured pace of posts. The objectives will vary depending on the client, but posts are aimed at building your brand / audience, showcasing products and services, and driving converting traffic to your website. Most of our organic social media services cover several social platforms, and the mix will vary depending on your business.

Paid Social – Managing strategy & creative for social media advertisements

Paid social media advertising is a proven and effective way to drive leads and sales for your business. We will work with you to align your paid strategy with your organizations goals and work to optimize targeting and strategy as the campaign runs an generates data.

Social Media Services Include

Regular Meetings and Updates

Not required, but highly encouraged. We like to meet regularly via phone or video calls with our clients to review campaigns and strategies.

Detailed Reporting

We build custom reports for each client to make progress and KPIs easy to understand. Depending on your CRM we also can integrate CRM data and outcomes into your digital campaign reports.


Featured Client Example – Social Media Paid + Organic Campaign

This home improvement client enlisted Caputo Design to ramp up digital leads for the spring season, which is their prime selling time. Our team of specialists implemented a combination of social media posts and ads that generated an 88% increase in digital leads year over year for the time period of January through April.  The net impact of this boost in leads was a 58.5% increase in overall revenue for the company during the spring season.

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Partner with Us

As your social media management agency, we are on your team. Our specialists keep you informed every step of the way, allowing you to see our efforts at work. We provide understandable, personalized reports to you detailing our work. These include a detailed performance statistics of your account(s) and a monthly breakdown of the tasks we have completed with the hours used. 

You will have a personal account manager that is up to speed on every aspect of your social media management plan. They are available to you via phone or email throughout the month. This representative is committed to your successful achievement of goals in the social media arena. They become a member of your team, fully invested in your success.

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